C. S. Lewis on the United Kingdom’s National Health Service

In the midst of the controversy surrounding Obamacare and other forms of government intrusions into our healthcare industry, I thought some of my readers would find C. S. Lewis’s comments on UK’s government-run healthcare.

I post this only because some of you might find it interesting. I don’t post it because I think it shows that we should support Obamacare.

Lewis praises the idea of the National Health Service a couple of times in his largely unknown book, Letters to an American Lady. Here is a short quote from Lewis on the National Health Service:

Why you have gone through begins to reconcile me to our Welfare State of which I have said so many hard things. “National Health Service” with free treatments has its drawbacks––one being that Doctors are incessantly pestered by people who have nothing wrong with them. But it is better than leaving people to sink or swim on their own resources.

(p. 81-2; Eerdmans , 1967)

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