Christian Couple Murdered in Pakistan for Blasphemy

Today, reported that a Christian couple has been killed by a mob in Pakistan. We complain about our post-Christian culture that is becoming increasingly intolerant of Christianity; we can complain, but we should never forget that Christians are being killed rather than merely mocked for their faith.

“A Christian couple accused of desecrating a Koran have been killed by a mob of Muslim vigilantes in Pakistan.”

The couple were beaten to death; their bodies were then burned in a kiln. (They apparently worked at the kiln.)

According to the BBC News, the police tried to rescue the couple but were unsuccessful.

The article says of Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy law:

“Pakistan already has strict laws which ban blasphemy, and minorities accused of insulting Islam or the Prophet Mohammed often face the death penalty.”

Anyone who believes in the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech should oppose these laws. I don’t care how deeply rooted the religious traditions are in these societies. They are a violation of basic human rights, and, as both the MSN and the BBC reports attest, these blasphemy laws are used to persecute minorities.

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