Reworking the Blog

This blog will be (mostly) inactive until June 1, 2013. Why? Read on…

I have struggled to find focus for this blog. I know I have not written new posts as frequently as I’d like, but a big reason for this is that I have never settled on a focus for this blog. Is this going to be a collected of far-ranging thoughts? Am I going to focus my content around ministry? Or philosophy? Or theology?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this problem since the year’s beginning. A goal for this year is to grow my readership. But all the advice I can find––and my own intuition––tells me that I need to find a focus for this blog before I spend considerable time each week writing new posts.

I’ve always had a general focus on Christianity and ministry, but I want to tailor my material more than I have to help Christians mature in the faith and deal with the intellectual challenges to the faith. So I want to post more writings on the Christian life, but I will never stop writing about the intellectual challenges of faith.

So what does this mean?

Time for Change

I need to redesign and refocus this site. So I am setting aside the next two months to do that. What do I plan on doing?

  1. Looking into a new design.
  2. Developing a new site layout and navigation.
  3. Reworking old and relevant posts around the new focus.
  4. Moving or removing old and irrelevant posts.
  5. Planning future series and posts.
  6. Possible rename the blog.

So expect to see a lot of changes on the blog over the next two months. But I will not be posting any new posts until June 1, 2013. I am going to develop new content and rework older content. (For this reason, many of my older posts will begin to disappear.) All the new and recycled material will begin appearing after June 1st.

New Goals

What are the goal of the new site?

  1. Help Christians mature in their faith.
  2. Help Christians deal with the intellectual challenges to their faith (i.e. apologetics).
  3. Provide some reflections on ministry (for other ministers).

I hope that any regular readers I might have would continue to read the blog regularly. I think you’ll find the new material and the reworked old material helpful.

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