My name is Micah Cobb. I live in Auburn, Alabama, where I work as a campus minister. I have a B.A. and M.A. in philosophy. I have also done some work towards an M.A. in theology. I have been married since May 2005, and I’ve been a father since January 2010.

About This Blog

Thinking and Believing was started in April 2011. It is being relaunched during the summer of 2013. Some of the posts will be rewrites of other posts I’ve written for different blogs over the last five years. Here are some features of the blog:

  1. Weekly postings. Everyday I work on posts for this blog. But some posts are more involved than others. I want to focus on creating high quality, timeless content, so I don’t want to rush a post out for publication until I feel that it is ready. So I am committing myself to posting weekly, though I might post more frequently if I’m able. Check back often or subscribe by clicking one of the “Subscribe” buttons on the sidebar.
  2. Timeless content. I do not want this to be a news site. Nor do I want this to be a journal of my thoughts. I aim to create posts that will remain useful and readable months, even years, after they are written.
  3. A wide range of topics. I know a cardinal rule of blogging is to find a topic and stick to it. I couldn’t do that. I couldn’t write about theology, philosophy, or politics three times a week and not burn out quickly. I’d rather have interesting, thought-provoking about a variety of topics, then repetitive posts on one topic. Topics will include philosophy, theology, politics, and current events.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog.

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