C. S. Lewis on Homosexuality Not Being a Choice

C. S. LewisI’ve been reading Yours, Jack, a collection of letters from C. S. Lewis giving spiritual guidance to his correspondents. So far it has been enjoyable reading. On page 181, Lewis writes to Bede Griffiths concerning homosexuality. The short passage is interesting in and of itself, but it is also interesting that Lewis does not consider homosexuality to be a choice. Since this is controversial among many Christians today, I thought I would quote the paragraph in full.

“The stories you tell about two [homosexuals] belong to a terribly familiar pattern: the man of good will, saddled with an abnormal desire which he never chose, fighting hard and time after time defeated. But I question whether in such a life the successful operation of Grace is so tiny as we think. Is not this continued avoidance either of presumption or despair, this ever renewed struggle, itself a great triumph of Grace? Perhaps more so than (to human eyes) equable virtue of some who are psychologically sound.” (Emphasis mine)

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